What we do



Founder of the firm and former entrepreneur, Pierre Cohen has passed on a real entrepreneurial work ethic to the whole team. This vision allows us to accurately identify the expectations of our clients and to establish a special relationship with them.

Using shared ethics and values, members of the firm offer you ongoing support, thanks to in-depth communication, continuous availability and shared interests.

With their experience and numerous successful transactions, our team of consultants will bring you technical expertise, advice, confidentiality, and negotiation skills.



P2C-Partners offers all types of stakeholders (small and medium-sized businesses, private investors, investment funds) made-to-measure assistance in their sales projects, in order to preserve the interests of the company and of the shareholders.

Business transfers

Children/family, managers, external buyers.


Sales to investment funds

Primary and secondary LBOs.

Withdrawal of minority shareholders

Asset sales

Business assets, patents, trademarks…

Group restructuring

Partial asset contribution, intra group transfers…

After signing the sale mandate, we accompany our client on an exclusive basis throughout the structured and confidential sale process, which comprises the following steps:


Familiarisation with the project, development and diagnosis of the company

The first step is to analyse all aspects of your project. The purpose of this analysis is to understand the reasons for the sale, to define the terms of the transfer, and to study the business from a strategic angle.

During this time P2C-PARTNERS collects, in the most comprehensive way possible, all financial and business-related information to determine a valuation range for the company closest to the current market reality.

1 month


Searching for and selecting a buyer

We work with you to define a list of potential buyers. Depending on the objectives we determine, this list may be composed of industrial companies, investment funds or private individual buyers, in France and abroad, and of course within the P2C-PARTNERS network.

We then create the initial documents (teaser, confidentiality agreements, information memorandum), based on the information received during this first stage of the process.

2 to 3 months


Conducting negotiations

We contact the target companies and create competition. We organize discussions with different buyers in order to obtain the best qualitative and financial offer for our client. You then select the best offer in the form of an LOI (Letter Of Interest). P2C-PARTNERS is present at all meetings and discussions leading up to the LOI.

Our goal is to maximize the sale price of the business, while guaranteeing the sale and ensuring the company’s sustainability.

2 to 3 months


Legal aspects and closing

During this phase of the project, P2C-PARTNERS organizes the legal implementation of the agreement between the parties by drafting the final agreement. We coordinate the work of all the stakeholders, and ensure that the deadlines and the client’s interests are respected.

We conduct negotiations up until the signing of the act of sale, marking the success of the project.P2C-PARTNERS then ensures the lifting of the condition precedent to finalize the operation.

1 to 2 months



P2C-Partners works with a wide range of stakeholders (small and medium-sized businesses, large international groups, financial and individual investors) on their external growth projects. Specialising in small and mid caps, P2C-Partners works all over France and abroad.

Each guidance is unique and is designed according to 4 criteria.

You are a private buyer…

You want to implement an external growth strategy…

You are an investment fund and want to develop your investments…

You are an executive and you want to arrange a takeover of the company that employs you via an MBO (Management Buyout)…

… P2C-PARTNERS is by your side during the different stages of the process:


This phase is similar to defining the specifications.

Implementing strategic criteria with the client (desired type of activity, CA, profitability threshold, debt level, type of client, staff, lease, scope of intervention, location, etc.).

1 month


Creating a list of targets (from our network or who fit the agreed specifications).

Target selection, analysis and gathering information. After selecting various targets, we put in place procedures to ensure confidentiality and to gather precise and detailed information. The goal of this stage is to create a dossier of various analyses (market analysis, financial analysis, management, synergies, etc.).

2 to 3 months


We are by your side throughout the whole dialogue process, to help you negotiate the conditions of sale.

We help you draft the LOI, as well as the engineering and implementation of the financial arrangements.

2 to 3 months


We are there to help you develop protocols and asset and liability guarantees.

We finalise the signing of the sale agreement, leading to payment and closing the transaction.

1 to 2 months



The merger of two companies is a procedure which is often overlooked by business leaders, and yet it can be as profitable as an acquisition, apart from that the funding often comes down to an exchange of shares. But not only that.

Indeed, the shareholders of the absorbed company receive shares in the acquiring company in exchange for their participation, thanks to a parity resulting from the studies and findings of an expert appointed by the Commercial Court.

But that isn’t all, a successful merger is not just about numbers. It should also be a harmonious reunion of two cultures and two organisations. The secret of a merger is more than it seems, it’s about bringing people together…

We are involved at every stage of the operation:

  • We work with teams from both companies to make the most of synergies, help with regrouping constraints, relocation etc.,
  • We perform evaluations of both companies and provide a report for the expert who will determine the parity of the exchange of shares.
  • We advise and negotiate for our client, whether they are the absorbed or acquiring company, in order to obtain the best possible transaction conditions.




Our experience in business valuation is based on thousands of assessments we have carried out, taking into account the current market and the particularities of each entity.

The whole strategy of P2C-PARTNERS rests on this business valuation.

Using the balance sheets from the last 3 years, we give a valuation of the company based on 8 evaluation methods (financial assets, performance-based, EBIT, based on future cash-flow, etc.) in order to find the most accurate value for your business.

It is this valuation, if it matches the shareholder’s expectations, which will determine the market plan and strategy for the sale.

Shares, business capital, client portfolios… whatever your project is, we can promote your assets in the strictest confidence.



Recognised by stakeholders of companies in difficulty, P2C-PARTNERS supports and advises investors in the context of collective procedures (takeovers, acquiring stakes, contribution of new capital).

When the situation requires the management to be placed under the protection of the commercial court, we work not only with the management team, but also with the court administrators and judicial agents to find the appropriate buyer.

This is our process :

  • Understanding the business and the reasons behind the project
  • Writing a presentation file
  • Support during meetings with directors
  • Drafting the takeover offer in accordance with the instructions of the judicial administrators and the court, and complying with the mandatory points defined in article L. 642-2 II of the Business Code.
  • Assistance during meetings at the Commercial Court


Taking over a struggling business offers real potential for external growth, if you want to quickly increase your market share.

In addition to a cheaper buying price, you also benefit from the following :

  • No recovery of the debts of the struggling company
  • Definition of the scope of the purchased assets  and choice of employment contracts, to be kept based on your activity and forecast plan.
  • Acquisition of a company in a short period of time (1-2 months)